Jewellery and Watches

As well as the intrinsic value of jewellery and watches that we own, many items are valued by us in other ways and it is therefore important to ensure that they are properly protected.

In some instances, it may not be possible to receive your item back after a claim and it is essential that you know you will be fully compensated in such circumstances. Whether it be that you receive a replacement on a like for like basis, a satisfactory monetary compensation or in some cases, expert repair and restoration, your policy will make sure you receive the appropriate solution.

When insuring your jewellery and watches it is important to identify the cost of replacement and insure the item for this figure. Regular valuations should be carried out, especially for rare or one-off tailor-made pieces, as the value of jewellery and watches fluctuates on a regular basis

We can provide products from insurers who have experts in sourcing replacement items, specialist restorers and access to professional valuers to ensure that the most appropriate cover is in place from the start and can be trusted to deliver at the time of a claim.